Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day one on Route 66....

Very HOT....saw 109 on the thermometer
Traveling in convoy with Dan Coughnour & Ildiko Marcus
There is Route 66, Old Route 66 & Historic Route 66....very confusing at times

Lunch at the Cozy Dog Drive-In - Springfield, IL....home of the original corn dog

Guided tour of Shea's historic gas station - Springfield, IL 
Original owner was there (alive) age 90.

Visit Rabbit Ranch - somewhere in Illinois....
4-legged rabbits and.... 
4-wheeled (partially buried) Rabbits
We don't know why

St. Louis Car eclectic collection of about 65 cars (all for sale) about a dozen not-for-sale and some really cool antique pedal cars

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