Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 6 0n Route 66

From Williams, AZ to Kingman, AZ via I-40 with a short trip on Historic Route 66 to Seligman, AZ. Tomorrow we head for the end of Route 66 at the Santa Monica Pier & on to Long Beach.

Nancy & friend in Williams, AZ

Famous (?) Cafe 66 on Route 66 in Williams, AZ


Snow Cap Drive-In - Seligman, AZ

The Rusty Bolt - Seligman, AZ

We did not eat here!

Mr. D'z Route 66 Cafe - Kingman, AZ
We did eat here....BLT & root beer (homemade) float.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Day 5 on Route 66

The Grand Canyon

No photograph, digital image or painting captures the true majesty of the Grand Canyon!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Day 4 0n Route 66

Santa Rosa, NM to Williams, AZ - 519 miles.
Weather has cooled to the low 90s, traffic is light & gas is $2.15/gallon.
We missed the severe storm/tornado that hit Cuba, MO by about 48 hours.
Tomorrow (Monday) we visit the Grand Canyon.

The Unser Museum in Albuquerque is very well done and well worth the visit for all race fans.

Dan Coughnour (pictured) & Ildiko Marcus joined us at the Continental Divide
One of many dramatic scenes in the Arizona Painted Desert

Petrified wood in the Petrified Forest.....Don't know why they call it a forest.

Wigwam Motel in Hollbrook, AZ....a real motel with 50s model cars parked at every "room."

"Standin' On The Corner In Winslow Arizona"
The lyrics from the song "Take It Easy", written by Jackson Browne and Glenn Frey, were made famous by "The Eagles".  It has put Winslow on the map - barely.....nothing else of interest here.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day 3 on Route 66

Still hot...drove 494 miles yesterday & 456 miles today - Oklahoma City, OK to 
Santa Rosa, NM. Expected Route 66 to be jammed with tourists....it hasn't been, so far.
Heading for Albuquerque, NM, Winslow, AZ, the Painted Desert and end up in Williams, AZ. Monday is reserved for the Grand Canyon.

The Cherokee Trading Post had a lot of  souvenirs celebrating the American Indian, Route 66 & Oklahoma....not too tacky.

Oklahoma Route 66 Museum in Clinton, OK was a real surprise. Plenty of exhibits, history, nostalgia, souvenirs, a documentary film & a few old cars.

Volkswagen Beetles half-buried on the side of I-40 west of Oklahoma City.

Dale Oaks recommended The Big Texan restaurant in Amarillo, TX  for an excellent steak. We were not disappointed! This restaurant seats over 550 people & they were on a wait list at 2:30 in the afternoon. No....we did not try the 72 oz steak.

Cadillac Ranch near Amarillo, TX.
Spray painting graffiti on the Cadillacs is encouraged. Also getting photographed doing "OH-IO" is a big thing.

Locally world famous Blue Swallow Motel on Route 66 in Tucumcari, NM was a hit in the 50s because each unit had an attached garage.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 2 on Route 66

Still hotter 'en hell....still getting lost trying to find Historic 66 and dealing with detours but....
Got to see a lot of "interesting" sites.....see a small sample below:

Bob's Gasoline Alley in Cuba, MO. Only one of the many buildings displaying antique gas signs & pumps....also emus, llamas & other strange animals.

World's Largest Rocker - Cuba, MO.

Original Steak 'n Shake in Springfield, MO. Only one still with curb service. Still haven't figured out how to make your shake in time to be served WITH your burger.

Steve's Candy....home of the ever-popular "Mine Run" candy....I never heard of it either but it is GOOD!

This truck was the inspiration for the "Tow Mater" character in the movie Cars. Located in Baxter Springs, MO....also an inspiration for the Cars town of Radiator Springs.

Packard service center & museum....mostly just a nice storage place for a small collection of Packards....Afton, OK. 

We discovered the "Bacon Soda" at Pops on Route 66 in Arcadia, OK. Good food & every kind & flavor of pop you could ever imagine. Hard to miss the giant, modern-art pop bottle out in front.

Tomorrow......on to Texas & New Mexico

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day one on Route 66....

Very HOT....saw 109 on the thermometer
Traveling in convoy with Dan Coughnour & Ildiko Marcus
There is Route 66, Old Route 66 & Historic Route 66....very confusing at times

Lunch at the Cozy Dog Drive-In - Springfield, IL....home of the original corn dog

Guided tour of Shea's historic gas station - Springfield, IL 
Original owner was there (alive) age 90.

Visit Rabbit Ranch - somewhere in Illinois....
4-legged rabbits and.... 
4-wheeled (partially buried) Rabbits
We don't know why

St. Louis Car Museum....an eclectic collection of about 65 cars (all for sale) about a dozen not-for-sale and some really cool antique pedal cars

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Getting ready for Route 66

Looking for recommendations for restaurants, motels, scenic sites, car museums, monuments, brew pubs, winerys & tourist traps to be sure to visit or avoid along Route 66.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mark your calendar

Mark your calendars to start checking this blog starting July 6th for daily reports on the Route 66 travel adventures of Mike & Nancy Edgerton traveling with Ildiko Marcus and Dan Coughnour

We will keep it short but plan to touch on the significant highlights (and low lights) of the historic sites, car museums, brew pubs, wineries and tourist traps through Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. 

Digital images will be included when we remember. Only appropriate and somewhat decent photos will be published.

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